Tobias Luthe joins SOD at AHO

Jul 2019 | News & Notes

AP Tobias Luthe 01

We are happy to announce that Tobias Luthe has joined the SOD group at Oslo School of Architecture and Design in a part time 50% position.

Tobias is professor dr. at ETH Zürich, Dept of Civil, Env. and Geomatic eng. Institute for Spatial and Landscape development  >>>>>>

He will remain in a 50% position at ETH where he amongst other things teaches a course in Systemic Design for Sustainability   >>>>>

Tobias is a person with diverse interrests reaching from landscape ecology to systemic design. He is a mountain guide and the founder of the Monviso Institute.  

Tobias will contribute with different perspectives and approaches to the SOD environment. 

We wish him welcome and we are looking forward to an exiting collaboration.

See Tobias’ website here >>>>>

Read more about Tobias here: >>>>>