Two different approaches

Dec 2022 | News & Notes

Two outstanding master’s theses from the outer edges of SOD. They are diametrically different and excellent in each way.

The first one, Lieke van Raan, is technical, diving into a large number of details needed to achieve what is the intention: Changing the denim industry towards sustainability.

The second one, Einar Lukerstuen, is emotional, symbolic, and associative, exploring how people can be helped in a dire situation. 

Today both of them work at Eggs.

They illustrate the richness and coverage of SOD and what it could be. This is not defined and limited by anybody, but it is an ongoing boundary discussion.

Enjoy and make up your mind!

The first thesis is Lieke van Raans thesis from TuDelft:

Towards a circular denim industry

This thesis is diving deep into most aspects of the textile and clothing industry that has big impacts on the environment and sustainability.

Lieke van Raan was an exchange student at AHO in 2018, learning SOD before doing her master’s thesis in 2019. her SOD project from then is found here: Stories of the Future.

The second master’s thesis is Einar Lukerstuens,

Løft Blikket (Lift your eyes)

The thesis is from AHO, 2021, and it was produced by a student at AHO who had no former teaching in SOD and who was willing to treat the methodologies of SOD in a very free way.

The author writes:

Lift your eyes is a design project that explores how design can contribute to creating a more human-friendly innovation foundation for challenges that extend across the boundaries of our public service systems. I explore this through designing for the societal challenge of drug addiction.

This thesis is in Norwegian but is worth exploring also because of its excellent and very unique graphic way of working and expressing what this is about.