UDI report cover


by Niloufar Gharavi

In the first phase, in particular, this project intends to investigate how a schooling and mentoring system could be implemented in the camps during the waiting time, to develop the inhabitants’ competencies or teach them new skills based on both their will and the working market (both Norwegian and global). By this phase, we would like to see if this approach could change the perspective of being a needy refugee to an actual person with skills which arms them with both a portfolio/CV to present and self-confidence, providing infrastructure for their next move regardless of the answer they will get. So if they get a “Yes”, they will have an official portfolio to deliver which facilitates their way of employability in the host country. Or by getting a “No”, they have already developed skills to build their next steps upon, either by going back to their countries for building their lives, or moving somewhere else to continue the journey.