Why brainstorming doesn’t work

Nov 2011 | News & Notes

8th November 2011: We often were critical to brainstorming and other similar techniques like idea cards that promise a quick way to creativity. I think the quick ideas from such techniques are badly rooted and will mostly fall appart when “put in the rain”. For producing deeply grounded synergetic and recilient creative resolutions to complex problems one needs to go into longer processes such as described long ago by Jaques Hadarmad. His model was described with four stages, preparation, incubation, illumination and evaluation. This indicates an individual creativity but also a creativity in context or a systemic model of creativity as described by e.g. Csikszentmihalyi. We still use brain storming at occations and moments in the process, but the studies referred to in the article below make me doupt even that. Im looking forward to some tests…

Read the Washington Post blog article here: >>>>>>

Here is the link to one of the studies by Nicholas W. Kohn and Steven M. Smith
Collaborative fixation: Effects of others’ ideas on brainstorming  >>>>>>


Collaborative fixation: Effects of others’ ideas on brainstorming

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