Iuvo charging

The starting point for this project has been a proposal put forward by Salto Ladestasjoner AS, with Hedda Heyerdahl as the external supervisor. Areas of opportunity that were put forward were electric car charging in the urban environment, solutions for larger parking facilities and integration of Salto’s products in “smart houses”.

With IUVO, we have aimed for a solution with a focus on existing parking areas, i.e. both public and private parking areas that vary from street parking up to car parks. In addition to this, we wanted to emphasize a future scenario in which the car market mainly consists of electric cars and thus places far greater demands on the development of infrastructure than at present.

With the help of future-oriented technology that has begun to be developed within today’s commercial market, we want to facilitate a future that is, to a greater extent, adapted to the needs of the user and can be easily integrated and adapted to both infrastructure and society.

Disclaimer: This project is not to be confused with the IUVO S.r.l. wearable robots or this research project http://sssa.bioroboticsinstitute.it/projects/IUVO

The material presented here is a fictional educational project on the bachelor level, and the similarities in the name are coincidental.