Salto Connect

Mar 2017 | Bachelor Projects, Design for Planet

The 6th semester course: “Designing systems” will develop the student’s ability to master the design educational practice focusing on the relationship between designer, partner and society. An important goal is to see your own design practice within bigger systems and processes. The course´s intent is to help develop the student´s chosen specialty and to exercise the ability to work with a partner and to work in teams.

With three design practices and Salto as our working partner we have created a system around producing, storing and sharing energy, our main focus area being the sharing of energy between users.

The assignment given from the partner Salto described four different situations where charging would take place; charging at home, charging at work, city charging and charging parks. Within the four charging situations there were four suggestions of problems needing solving;

1. Where will the electric car driver living in the city charge in the future?

2. How would you include charging in a smart grid system for your home?

3. What will a charging park look like in 10 years?

4. Who are the users of Salto?

Another focus area could be their “Birdie Cloudcharge”: a communication device between the owner of the charger and the customer who needs charging.