Deichmannske Media Stations

Nov 2009 | R&D Projects

Media pods

The Deichmannske media station project (2007-2008) aimed at producing four media stations that could show all kinds of media, including a big film archive, to visitors of the Deichmannske main library in Oslo.

This was an OCEAN Design Research Association project.

The project was a collaboration between the Deichmannske library as the initiator and client, OCEAN design research network, Oslo School of Architecture and Design, HFG Offenbach, Germany, and the YNOR boat builder company of Kragerø, Norway.


The Project 

The project aimed to investigate a systems approach to design and an integral design process. It involved a large-scale investigation involving field-work of the Deichmannske main library as a system of information exchange, study site, temporary workspace, social hub, etc.

The project won a prize from the Norwegian Design Council in 2008 for its systems approach.

The material realisation of the media stations involved an innovative material system, digital composite construction technology, a custom-made interface and an innovative programmed light system which was triggered by sensor technology.


The project was disseminated in a book published by HfG, where architectural, technological, and other issues are discussed. See the pdf below.

When it comes to the systems aspect of the project, it is discussed in the book, especially in the article A system approach to design learning.

Sevaldson, B. (2008). A System Approach to Design Learning. Systemisches Denken und Integrales Entwerfen / System thinking and Integral Design. A. Menges. Offenbach, Präsident der Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach am Main.



The development of the pods is done under the supervision of Michael Hensel from OCEAN design research network, professor Achim Menges from HFG Offenbach and Professor Birger Sevaldson from AHO.
The project is done in close cooperation with the customer, represented by project leader Reinert Mithassel from Deichmannske Library.

CNC Production, Production Aid, HfG by Wolfgang Heide and Peter Esselbrügge
The composite production was hosted and supervised by the professional boat-building company YNOR in Kragerø, Norway, by director Ronny Andresen.

Involved students are: Julia Aster, Marc Bischoff, Elena Burggraf, Nicola Burggraf, Oliver Bustraen, Daniel Kussmaul, Lukas Methner, Jose Pinto, Steffen Reichert, Nico Reinhardt, Burkhardt Schempp, Rudi Wulf.

Technical installations and programming by Knut Karlsen and Gunnar Bothner Bye.