Second SDA Norway gathering

May 2020 | News & Notes



After a successful first SDA Norway gathering we will have our second gathering 10th June 14:00-16:00

Tentative Agenda

14:00 Welcome

14:10 Birger Sevaldson presents a questionaire to measure impact of SOD in Norway

14:15 Manuela Aguirre presents popular version of her PhD thesis 

14:30 Intro to breakout discussions

14:45 Andres Wettre presents connections between previous discussion & topics

14:50 Break out groups – 1) boundary critique, 2) power dynamics, 3) what is a system?, 4) generative emergence

15:30 Share back & discussion in main room

15:50 Rounding up, including poll about topics for next sessions

Welcome to all who are interested. Though the context of this gathering is Norway it is open for anybody.

Earlier this year we announced the first gathering for a Norwegian chapter of the Systemic Design Association (SDA). We were planning it to be held at DOGA, the Norway center for design and architecture. We limited the meeting to 90 participants. 

The interest exceeded our imaginations with over 400 stating their interest. 

Sadly, we had to cancel the gathering because of the corona virus. However, we wanted to carry it through anyway in digital format and we changed the invitation to a zoom meeting. Over 130 people joined the meeting and it was a great experience.