Designing for the emergence of new connections between elderlies & youth

Simón Sandoval Guzmán

Design for Democracy, Systems Oriented Design 2016
Oslo School of Architecture and Design
Collaborator: The Municipality of Tønsberg

In partnership with the Municipality of Tønsberg, Træleborg senior centre and Færder Videregående skole in Tønsberg, the project tested out a process to facilitate conversations between elderlies living at Træleborg Senior Center & youth studying at Færder skole. Afterwards, this process was designed and shaped as a program: a process of 3 workshops to facilitate the emergence of new connections between groups of elderlies living in senior centres and youth studying in high schools. This process aims to make them aware of each other to finally create and envision together how they could be more connected in the future in order to contribute with each other.

By this, the project explores how by making new connections between different groups of people we can enhance awareness and empathy with each other, and by this, give a small step towards the shaping of a more democratic culture.