How to Practice the Culture of Empathy?

Aug 2017 | Design for Democracy, Design for Society, Master's Projects

Melina Hozhabri

Design for Democracy, Systems Oriented Design 2016

Oslo School of Architecture and Design

Collaborator: The Municipality of Tønsberg


All men and women are to each other

the limbs of a single body, each of us drawn

from life’s shimmering essence, God’s perfect pearl;

and when this life we share wounds one of us,

all share the hurt as if it were our own.

You, who will not feel another’s pain,

you forfeit the right to be called human.


A Quote by Saadi Shirazi


This project is a process orientated effort in developing, or perhaps, protecting a democratic process. It is contributing to the problem of participation in democratic societies by raising our awareness on differences and challenges within the societal constructs. It tries to open discussions on the role of individual’s self-awareness to their feelings and presence in time and space that results in a higher understanding of the collective societal body and extends the limits of tolerance and acceptance in the society by empowering the notion of equality among citizens. This approach also allows individuals to reflect back on their forgotten, or ignored, humanistic values and characteristics that can strengthen equality and respect towards others in the society.


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