GIGA-mapping in Management

Jan 2012 | R&D Projects

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Collaboration ended 2014

This development project is addressing how to implement and use especially time line and process based GIGA-mapping as workshop tools in leader development consultancy.

The partner for this development project is

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The Performance Group merged with Rambøll in 2014

Leader of the project at TPG: Andreas Wettre.

One central question in GIGAmapping is the choice of media. Using big format paper and markers pluss labels has proven to be unchallenged in group processes with time line mapping. This creates a co-understanding of the field. But more important it makes it possible to have open ended, un planned yet very communicative and focused conversations.

Digital tools are less usable at this stage because of screen and projector resolution and because of th euse of a computer immediately sets the operator of the computer appart from the rest of the group.

When using paper, for the facilitator repeatedly handing over markers to less active group members is a very nice way to involve and create shared ownership.

The physical element in gathering around a table and drawing , writing and pointing while speaking is also a valuable effect.

The problem with paper media is off course what follows: how to keep the information alive. We are now working on a test run where designers (students) will participate in the refinement and updating of the maps tp keep them alive. We will collect experience and develop strategies for this.

Another possible way to go would be to use or create some kind of mapping tool that is digital, shared and easy to update. In our link menu you will find many software programs for this purpose. We have used them in periods, but they all suffer from one or the other shortcoming. This goes for ease of use, desirability (bad look, hierarchical build up etc.

Graduate student Elisabeth Skjelten is engaged in this project. She works closely with TPG to develop the process of GIGA-mapping in TPG. She took on the challenge of speculating about an easily updatable and dynamic map for collaboaration and created a flash dummy of a software prototype for this purpose of keeping super complex information shared and alive:


Dynamic map_elisabeth_skjelten