Kevin Simmons, 2017

Gjensidige Exchange is a System Oriented Design proposal for a democratic communication platform inside Gjensidige Insurance, Norway’s biggest insurance company. Facing a world moving towards digitalization, and changing customer expectations, Gjensidige must quickly evolve to meet market demands.

A democratic approach to the workplace is seen as a potential asset for large, ageing organizations bound to rigid hierarchies. A collaborative tool which empowers employees to permeate silos and proactively solve complex issues is the premise on which Gjensidige Exchange was built.
System Oriented Design provides a toolkit for managing complexity. Throughout this course, there were challenges regarding organizational transparency and the threat of complexity for complexity’s sake.
However, designers are adaptive, and the process of ideation, iteration and critique has led to Gjensidige Exchange, an opportunity for Gjensidige Insurance to improve, motivate and learn visually from change.