Lectures with international professors

Feb 2011 | News & Notes

      carlo_vezzoli                   Wolfgang_Jonas   

     Carlo Vezzoli                                       Wolfgang Jonas 

Friday the 18th Feb. we had a lectures with Carlo Vezzoli and a lecture and short workshop by Wolfgang Jonas.

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Carlo Vezzoli Lectured about the Learning Network for Sustainability. He is a founder of the network and his great efforts in the field are widely acknowledged. This interesting initiative makes a big effort to make design sustainable. It is all based on the “copyleft” principle of sharing information. Carlo took us through a system for sustainable development of PSS (product service systems) that they developed in the project.

Wolfgang Jonas Professor from Braunschweig school of arts and design demonstrated a systems dynamic approach and a software tool developed by Professor Vester. Using the problems of piracy as a case the students went through a short workshop and the problem was also run through the software. The resulting output indicates that other means than gunboats might be far more efficient and cheaper than the current policy.