Living with the river

Oct 2022 | Gigamap type: Synthesis Map

Hemsila is a river in Hemsedal a mountain community in Norway.

How can we design with the Hemsila river as an asset, rather than a problem, to increase Hemsedal’s resilience and regenerative capacity? By celebrating the organic nature of the Hemsila river and its dynamic water levels, new possibilities can be imagined for mobility, environmental conservation and social connections. Rather than a compact town model, Hemsedal’s existing three centers – Tuv, Trøim and Ulsåk – provide the framework for a unique “landscape urbanism” model – where a network of innovation clusters, transport hubs and gathering places are connected by the ecological corridor of the Hemsila.

Systems-Oriented Design
Spring 2022 Bachelor Course: Design for Sustainability Taught by Prof. Dr. Tobias Luthe and Haley Fitzpatrick
Synthesis Map content developed by:
Ursula Fjøsne Storm and Ida Katrine Rishoff
Graphics revised by: Haley Fitzpatrick