MOOC: Designing Resilient Regenerative Systems (ETH)

May 2022 | News & Notes, SOD-related courses

The new Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) series by Systemic Design Labs ⎟ETH Zurich entitled “Designing Resilient Regenerative Systems” hybridizes sustainability science, systemic design and transformative action. It provides worldviews, tools, illustrations and transformative networks to build capacities and engage in systemic innovation of complex systems.

The MOOC is featuring a virtual-real didactic concept, where local physical social outdoor action is stimulated and incubated by virtual means. 

Starting May 9th 2022 on EdX – free participation w/o costs possible:

NEW! Designing Resilient Regenerative Systems (MOOC)

We are excited to co-create and weave with like-minded engagers in the real-world: Up to today, we have about 340 participants who signed up for the course start.

MOOC 1 – Worldviews – from Sustainability to Regeneration (9.5.-27.5.22)

MOOC 2 – Beyond Systems Thinking (6.6.-24.6.22)

MOOC 3 – Systemic Design (5.9.-23.9.22)

MOOC 4 – Real world Transformative Design Praxis (3.10.-21.10.22)

More info:  https://systemicdesignlabs.ethz.ch/drrs-mooc/

Linked to the MOOC is an online community where we offer a space for social interaction, including live discussion sessions and longer additional content where it extends the scope of the MOOC. There is opportunity to offer additional content from the growing community. Participation is as well free without any obligations:https://design-resilient-regenerative-systems.mn.co/share/Tk0HtkrCK_m4ugOB?utm_source=manual

We hope to welcome some of you in this new program.