NRK Film Library

Mar 2017 | Design for Industry

 This digital platform is meant to be used as a “tool” to discover titles in the NRK television archives you didn’t knew you wanted to see – or at all existed. It aims to bring forward television material all the way back from 1960 until today. How do you browse through 55 years of material, which consists of about 20 000 titles, in an understandable and effective way? Also, it should be noted that there are certainly different ways of going about this – however, the way I’ve gone about it is based on me aiming on the user that’s interested in exploring the archive, and not necessarily is dead set on finding a specific title. Hence, the digital platform is a result of need focus.The overarching idea is that you browse through the content, year by year, and on the first level you’re presented to highlights of the each category in the year you’re situated in. Each category is represented by one “panel”. The size of the panel is based on the amount of content of that genre in that year. his makes it easy to scan and get a feeling of the different sizes. If you’re to move one level deeper, you can pick a category, i.e. humour, and is then presented with all humour titles that aired that year. By entering a specific title, you are then presented with an episode or clip of the title, and also related clips and titles. This makes it possible to discover new, interesting material.

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