SOD picture book

Jul 2018 | News & Notes

Digging in the archive I found the old SOD picture book, a book that was never finished. It seems still worth being made accessible. It is a document of the early years of SOD. The book project was abandoned in 2010 for various reasons.

Bear with the lack of refinement and language issues. The articles are written as project deliveries from the students. The concept was that the students received a layout and format for their final short reports from their projects. In that way, much work was done for the book project. Despite this considerable work was needed to finalize it, one of the reasons why this stopped. Another reason is that the projects became increasingly content-rich and needed longer reports.

Looking back there were far more products than now. This is a shame because I think products deserve as much of a systemic consideration as other designs.

The cover and layout were done by Adrian Paulsen and Christoffer A. Lange.