Students as Change Makers

Oct 2022 | Gigamap type: Synthesis Map

What demographic is currently underrepresented in Hemsedal, yet have high potential for stimulating change? Students! From bachelor to PhD to professional executive master levels, students can operate as regenerative weavers to connect cities and alpine communities. While today tourists make up a large portion of the transient population of Hemsedal, engaging with students could be an alternative path towards more circular economic and social development – through mutual learning opportunities, increased diversity of perspectives and capacity to prototype and experiment interventions with low financial risk.


Systems-Oriented Design
Spring 2022 Bachelor Course: Design for Sustainability Taught by Prof. Dr. Tobias Luthe and Haley Fitzpatrick
Synthesis Map content developed by:
Astrid Mathilde Andersen and Nikolai Yago Conde Graphics revised by: Haley Fitzpatrick