Young Talent Awards

Apr 2014 | News & Notes

The Norwegian Design Councils Young Talent Award second and third place was won by two SOD projects.


The Future of Offshore Supply -1

Martin Skogholt Hansen and Mikael Johansenwon the second price for their conceptual project for more efficient supply vessels for the offshore sector.


Norskhjelpen - 1.jpg applicationform

Elisabeth Skjelten won the third price for her projectfor the Norwegian Red Cross for learning Norwegian language to immigrants.

The prices indicate the difficulties in comparing the different generations of design. GK vanPatter suggests four versions of design (design 1.0, Design 2.0, Design 3.0, Design 4.0) where the lower versions are more traditional object oriented while the higher levels are more complex and societal oriented. It must have been a difficult task for the jury to compare and rank between the winners being design 1.0 and 2.0 and the second and third place being design 3.0 operating on a systemic level and 4.0 operating on a societal level. (www.humanitifc.com)

To read more about the prices follow this link (norwegian only yet) >>>>>