Want to have fun

Dec 2019 | Design for Industry, Master's Projects

I seriously want to have fun

Theodor Vange Field (2019)


From being a young boy, I remember saving up my weekly allowance to go on a shopping spree at the mall, where I spend a lot of my time. The goal of the shopping spree was to purchase as many new clothes as possible. Time is changing and so are we. I’m still that boy in sense of my love for fashion, but my passion now is to create awareness around the fast fashion industry and the fatal way it destroys our environment. I want to use clothes and fashion as my medium to raise awareness.

We have to change the way we act and think. We have to challenge today’s linear clothing system. This means changing the way garments are designed, produced, shipped, bought, recycled, and used.

In this project, I have worked with design to test out different methods to create clothes and wearables through the circular clothing system.

theodor SOD gigamap 90x350 1200